Because #1 (2016) 44" x 34" Archival digital print


Cameras have traveled with me through the years as I experienced living in New England, the Florida Keys, Yellowstone National Park, and the great midwest.

Along with stories of people and places, I love food.  The science of ingredients, making it for others, and creating photographic and video images with and of it.  I truly feel that "Food Is Art".  It's beautiful, colorful, nurturing, communal and part of the fabric of every culture since the dawn of man.  

Photography is a tool that helps me in my effort to bring people together through food, spreading the word about how sharing meals with each other creates a communion and binds us together... even for just a few minutes.  

I also photograph people, products, events, and images for the editorial world that bring life's interesting bits and pieces to the universe. 

My digital experience includes both still and video work, along with advanced editing and color correction. 

I am a visual artist, working in multi-media, digital and analog (film) imaging.  I have extensive experience in the darkroom with black & white and color film, and alternative processes.  

I enjoy writing and have multiple contributor/photographer articles published both online and in print.  And I admit to my occasional, good-natured snark. 

I am an experienced instructor of photography for beginning, intermediate and advanced level students and do a little teaching at my alma mater. 

I'm a graduate of Herron School of Art & Design, Indiana University where I walked Summa Cum Laude with a BFA in Photography (and a minor in Art History).  

My husband is amazing, our kids are cool, and our cat is pretty saucy.  Ironically, none of them like to be photographed.